Friday, March 11, 2011

43 / 365 - The Rebirth of a computer

Anyone remember when Sam tried to kill my computer? If not you are welcome to look here to see it. And then Here to see the attempted repairs. Well... I traded in some swagbucks to get a new keyboard from Amazon. Then I looked online to find out how to replace it. Those of you who know anything about laptop repair know that this is NOT the way to do it. However the internet led me astray and told me I needed to take it completely apart.

I am happy to report that despite Sam and I BOTH trying to destroy my laptop permanently - it is now back in action and working just as well as before.

Except see that thingamajiggy that above the screwdriver? That is the clip that keeps the laptop closed. We... it never got put back on. And I have two extra screws if anyone needs them. ;)

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