Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rocket Science (Feb. 22, 2007)

Ever think that Rocket Science is easier than this?!

We've had a crazy morning. Nate has had three baths this morning, and Sara
2. The big kids were found to not have been doing their work diligently,

and the baby was fussy. Ever try to explain pre-Algebra, when you have
about a 7th grade math understanding, with a screaming baby, toddler, and

preschooler?! AND the macaroni was boiling over at the same time? OF
COURSE the phone rang right then, AND the Kindergartener actually answered
it. Handed the phone to me with, "I don't know who it is because I couldn't
hear. But I think she asked for you." Thank God for naptime.

Here's how my morning went... deceptive... youthful innocence... then the truth....

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