Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Funny Conversation (Mar. 1, 2007)

To preface this story I must start at the beginning and let you know that we have been battling Pink Eye. A "cure" for pink eye, besides going to the doctor and spending a lot of money for eye drops, is to put some "Mama Milk" in the eye. Supposedly the antibodies present in the milk will help to battle the infection.

Recently Josiah, almost 10, got pink eye. I told him there was a solution... to put milk in his eye. I said that there was a bag of milk in the fridge if he wanted to try it. He asked, "Where did it come from?" Pause. "You don't want to know."

"That is so weird." he responded.

Fast forward to dinner two days ago. Joe stated that his eye felt like someone punched him.

I said, "You know what you can do to solve that."

Anna (age 7), "What's that?"

Me: Put milk in his eye.

Joe: Mama- that is so gross!

Anna: What's gross about putting cows milk in your eye?

Joe: It's NOT cow's milk. That's the gross part.

Anna: You would put MAMA's MILK in your eye?!?!

The entire table erupted into uncontrollable laughter, and Josiah promptly disappeared under the table in mortification. It took much pleading (among the giggles) to get him to re-emerge.

I love the stage where boys are embarrassed. I had suggested to Josiah that a great science fair project would be to test the saturation point of each kind of diaper to see which is really the most cost efficient (the cheaper ones need to be changed more often, so I have always wondered...) but he told me he could never hold his head up in the local homeschool group if he did that. He would be too embarrassed. So funny!

Of course, Eric and I love to kiss each other and turn all the kids red. :)

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  1. I love the new blog!
    I never heard that about the milk. I have had enormous success with chamomile tea and chamomile tea bags. I brew a strong cup (2 bags, 1 mug) and let it steep until it's cool, cool enough to dab it onto the little ones eye lids. Then I squeeze most of the tea out of the bags and lay them gently on the little eye lids and have the child rest their head in my lap for 10 minutes while I read a story to em. I try to do this 3 times the first day. I think we only had to treat on day 2 one time, ever. And I think I was lax on day one that time. Works like a dream, but doesn't produce giggles and red faces.