Friday, January 30, 2009

A Series of Firsts

I have NEVER, ever, in my whole parenting experience, seen this happen. I have never even heard of it happening.

Bethany is 6 months old. She cannot even sit up yet. BUT SHE IS CRAWLING. And not only that, she has worn a hole in the KNEE of one of her little jumpsuits.

Crazy. But something tells me she's going to be an energetic, spritely little thing!

See the photo above? See what is in her hand? A carrot. A carrot she crawled from across the room, and under the table to get during dinner the other night. Not a soft, cooked carrot, but a hard, raw carrot. Not the thing you normally give a 6 month old to teeth on. Especially if it had been on the floor.

I guess, unless you are #9 in your family and need to make your mark on the world. Then you crawl before you can sit, wear holes in your jammies, and teeth on raw carrots.



  1. She is so beautiful Carri! Maybe all Bethany's are quick to learn :)

  2. Two of my girls crawled before they could sit up - and they only crawled for a few weeks before they started walking. The rest were normal in terms of things happening as expected.