Friday, January 30, 2009

Homeschool Convention...

One last post for today, then I really need to get back to decluttering my kitchen. Anyway- My friends Amy and Misti and I are planning on going to the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention in April. Eric the Wonderful is even going to let me stay for TWO WHOLE NIGHTS! That's three days of blissful wandering amongst all those books. Wow.

Anyway- When I went to check out buying a ticket, (which needs to be done in the next couple days for the best price...), I saw that if we blog it, we can get entered in to receive free tickets, etc.

So here's what I am doing. I am blogging it right now (duh, Carri.) I am buying the ticket anyway, so if I win, I will raffle off the extra ticket right here. I reserve the right to keep the money and hotel room all on my own, OK? Anyway, go check it out and sign up.

They asked that we, "Be sure to reference the HUGE Exhibit Hall, the INCREDIBLE Speaker Line-Up and the very AFFORDABLE REGISTRATION."

I'll let you know in April if they are speaking the truth about it! ;)

Oh yeah- if you are going, let me know. I'd love to meet up with you all!


  1. I went to this last year, and they are speaking the truth! LOL I went with my best friend and we took just our girls, making it a girls long week-end. We also visited the Creation Musium on the KY/OH boarder, it was awesome! My friend is going with her entire family this year, I am not commited either way yet. Guess I need to get the lead out? LOL Maybe If all of us go it would be cheaper to just take the RV!

    Blessings, Beth Ann

  2. I am working at the convention (for The Old Schoolhouse) and from what I understand, the size is crazy-big! If I remember from our stats, when we were working on our convention webpages, this convention is in the top 5 in the nation for size. You will have a great time.