Thursday, August 26, 2010

We Now Call a Cease to the Blog Break...

A month ago we returned from our summer vacation... from Whoville to Pennsylvania, to the suburbs of DC, to central Virginia, and back to Whoville. Wow. Photos and posts may or may not follow this. I plan on summing up today and seeing what happens for future posts.

So here is what has occurred in the 4 weeks since our return:

- I have researched, bought, and planned school for 7 children. Including making copies for the first 9 weeks. And getting all notebooks and spirals, etc. ready. And stocked the pencils, pens, crayons, markers, paper, cardstock, ... I have figured out which books are needed for this year's studies, rounded them up, and have them on the school shelves (in order). Not that I really expect to be able to find them when I need them in Dec. or whenever, but I can hope.

- I have completely emptied and dealt with the clutter of the alcove at the top of the steps... you'd be amazed at all the junk we had shoved up there.

- I finished grading last year's school and put it all away. For the past 1o years I had just shoved the school books into boxes and put them in the attic. So this year I went through all those papers and just kept the cover of the workbook, and every tenth page. Stapled it together, then gave each child their own box in the attic. Also I put any notebooks of research pages, pictures, projects, etc. on a bookshelf in the alcove.

- I re-did our entire schedule. It is no easy task to be sure that no one need to use the flashmaster/ computer/ book / piano/ etc. at the same time.

- I re-did the chore charts. I am only brave enough to change chores once a year. It's a hard transition.

- I launched an all out battle against the mice that think that our house is a nice place to live. They are winning... but I brought in the big guns. So to speak. We are now the proud owners of two kittens.

- I organized each and every one of our 12 bookshelves. And I found an amazing number of books which had disappeared into the nether regions of the house. I was wondering how in the world the girls finished their reading lists by December... evidently they couldn't find many of the books. I have solved that problem by moving all the desks into the computer room and living room, and all the toys from the computer room to the now un-cluttered alcove.

- I made it to our dental appointments at 8:30. I was only 4 minutes late. Only to discover I was a week early.

- I had out of town visitors for a week. We LOVED seeing them again!

- I have organized all the logistics for the local Bible Bee which will be held on Saturday.

- I took another look at our desperately gasping budget, and tried to figure out where to save a few more dollars.

- We have decided to build a house a little north of us, and we have designed our house plans. So while I was agonizing about when Anna should read Mara, Daughter of the Nile, Eric was agonizing over the location of toilet drains, and how many windows we need for our passive solar heating. It's been a really romantic month. LOL.

Still to do ( but won't probably get done before school starts on Monday) is to clear off the top of the computer desk, file all the papers found there, clean up my room which has not had clothing put away in several weeks (I just keep wearing clothes out of the clean pile), and re-do our menus and shopping lists.

I can tell the difference in what I have both the motivation AND the energy to accomplish when I am not pregnant or having a newborn at the beginning of the school year! And although I have been a homeschooling Mama way to long to think that we will have so much fun just because I have organized and de-cluttered... I do think our days should run much more smoothly due to the work I have put in this month. So I can work on baby control, and helping my children learn as much as they can.

And I have to admit that I am truly (for the first time in several years) looking forward to our studies. We go back to the Ancients this year... studying Creation to the birth of Christ.

So... that is why I have not been blogging. But now I am back and we will see how often I can post. I've missed you all! What have YOU done in the past two months?


  1. >>What have YOU done in the past two months?

    Eating bon bons on the beach!

    [Wait. I don't think I meant to say that out loud.]

    Hugs, Carri, you're amazing and I am cheering you on. I hope you have a GREAT school year!

  2. LOL, I know what you mean about energy when not pregnant or with a newborn! I am really dragging right now, and I am feeling very befuddled and two steps behind. I hate that feeling at the beginning of a school year!

    How exciting about your new house plans! Share details--what's the layout? Did you buy another piece of property?

    You really do have a lot going on! I am in awe of all your organizing and decluttering! I had all those plans, but i just never got aorund to it . . . but reading your post made me really wish I had been more diligent and used my time more wisely!! : )

  3. Wowsa! No wonder you've been so quiet! I'm glad you're back and now we're completely caught up. LOL! Lisa~

  4. Wow!! I'm exhausted just reading that list. ;-) Have a super start!

  5. Amy- I ate a bon bon once. Just to know what it was like. LOL

  6. Claire- we are building on my in-law's land. It is an exciting time! We have spent a lot of time trying to make it as "green" as possible while still working with our larger than normal family. You'll just have to come visit us again when it is done!

  7. Hey! Can you send some of that energy over to Singapore??? And yes I am glad that I am not pregnant either at this point in time. But then I also have a very demanding 17mth old :(