Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Going's On Around Here...

This week Eric did a project for me... he made growing shelves so I can start my plants inside. We put two shelves above my washer and dryer. We are hanging fluorescent lights from the bottom of the top shelf (for the bottom row of plants), and from the ceiling for the top row. I'd show a photo except my batteries are charging. I am sure you'll be hearing a lot about it in future posts.

The weather has been nice, so the boys have been working on filling my new garden boxes (we are putting three boxes next to the house) with hay / manure / compost. The boxes are 4 feet wide by 32 feet long. I plan on using the square foot methods in them.

We have lots of hay which the horses spread on the ground and don't eat. Once a week (or more) we put this hay into the hen's yard. The hens peck through it and eat out the seeds so we are not planting weeds into the garden. They also add manure into it! ;) Then we take it over to the garden. I am unsure how this will work this year (it probably will not have time to fully decompose), but I KNOW by next year it will be wonderful soil. We will still have our large garden near the field if these don't work this year.

So that's what we did this week. I am ready for warm weather to come so we can all be out and planting things again!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful set-up! I keep thinking I need to start some of my seeds right about now but I'm so new to all this gardening stuff, I feel out of my league! Good luck with your garden this year!

  2. We had rain all weekend, so it's hard to think about gardening, but now is the time! Thanks for reminding me. I'll have to do that soon, too!