Friday, February 27, 2009

Today's Tip

I have had lots of toddlers in the house. I am sure to have more before we are through with the toddler years. I have to admit, I really like 2 year olds. Three year olds are a whole other matter, but Oh I love those 2 year olds.

With my first 2 year old, I was a great mom. I didn't use any child proofing items... I just trained him to not touch what he wasn't supposed to touch. Wow.

Now, however, I am just a bit busier. (That is the understatement of the year.) I just don't have the time to monitor SO closely as to be sure the babies are not getting into things they shouldn't. I needed an alternative to the expensive cabinet locks that somehow the babies can still get into, while the adults are driven insane trying to open a cabinet.

So I grabbed a couple of those links you can buy to attach toys to a carseat. A couple clicks later and I had them around the handles. Now the babies cannot get under the sink to the dishsoap, and we can still undo them easily when needed. Best yet? It cost me nothing!

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