Monday, February 2, 2009

Warning About CFL Bulbs

I have been slowly replacing my light bulbs with the more energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Bulbs. At least until I recently read an article stating that these bulbs work by using Mercury in some way... and Mercury is a big deal. These need to be disposed of properly, no doubt about it.

My concern is if these bulbs break. Did you know that with the mercury, it is not recommended to have these bulbs in a room where there are children and/ or pregnant women due to the chance of them breaking and the mercury vapors going into the air? I cannot find the article this minute, but the vapor can last in the air for at least weeks, and I think it was a lot longer than that. This article states that if one breaks, and the dust comes in contact with your bedding or clothing, the items should be BURNED. Read it... it's serious stuff.

Almost a year ago, NPR had an article on it too... check it out here.

I think there is a link between autism and the mercury levels in immunizations. (Did you know the symptoms of mercury poisoning and autism are almost identicle?) I am afraid that these bulbs could add to problems inside houses.

Research the issue for yourself. Do a google search. As for me and my house, I think we are going back to the old lightbulbs. Now I just need to figure out how to dispose of the mercury filled ones...


  1. you're right. there is a special way to dispose of them. it was on the news.

    if breaks, you have to evacuate the room. it's that dangerous.

    i know there is a special link but i don't have time to look for it right now.

  2. Eew! I did not know this! Thanks for the heads up! Lisa~

  3. I read several of these articles AFTER I replaced all our bulbs. And we HAVE had one or two of them break and they WERE in kids rooms. Gosh it made me so stinkin' mad when I found this out. So, back to an electric bill increase... nuts.