Friday, June 19, 2009

Garden Update 6/ 19/ 09

Sorry for being late with my post, but we were being pestered by some people who had targeted my friend's blog... and since we are linked there , we were targeted too. I was watching pretty closely as my blog counter reached almost 500 hits yesterday, at least 80% of them people who are against what we live and believe. We were even accused of "bashing that little girl in the face" on their site... as if anyone could think we would hit our precious children and cause an injury like that. Sheesh. I will admit, though, I came very, very close to making my blog private. I am sorry if that happens... just letting you know if it goes offline, that is why.

But since it seems to have calmed down today, I will post my garden update..

We all worked really hard on Monday and Tuesday to get the weeds under control. The garden looks great!!! We have cucumbers growing - maybe another week or so. We have one solitary cauliflower growing, but lots of cabbage. Our broccoli has great foliage, but I have yet to see a single head, so I think that next week I will pull it up, along with the peas which are about done, and plant corn and beans, since we don't have much of either of them surviving in our rocky soil.

Pam- is it too late entirely to plant beans and corn?

A friend of mine asked me what I do when the beans grow off the top of the poles. She and her husband cannot reach all of them. N- after thinking about it... you will have more than enough green beans... go ahead and cut them off. You'll be sick of picking them all anyway. ;)

We are winning the weed game, we are going to have an abundant crop of tomatoes. Hopefully we will be able to have lots of watermelon and cantaloupe... this pregnant Mama could eat an entire melon a day. I am dreaming of watermelons... yum yum.

How does your garden grow?


  1. I'm sorry that people have been mean. On the whole people are jerks (except for a few wonderful exceptions;). I am glad to see you guys sticking it out, at least for now!

  2. I had that happen a couple months ago with (of all the bizarre things) a gay gossip site.
    I was willing to make my blog private too, but caught this thing early enough that I had a chance to edit the posts theses guys were hitting and have a few gracious words of my own to counterbalance the weirdness. All I could think was "please tell me these folks have something better to do!"
    Thankfully, the fire sizzled out fairly fast and interest was lost post haste.
    I was very thankful that no one left comments on my blog specifically. That would have pushed me over the edge.

    Suffice to say, God is good-er to me than I deserve! Thanks Lord!!

    I would LOVE to see more pictures of the growing Peterson clan, and another mercy update.

    How are YOU feeling? Does this pregnancy compare to the others? Is it going fast do you think?
    I'm thinking for you friend, and hoping that the little things are well with you:-)


  3. I also was amazed at how awfully mean these ladies were... I live in a bubble, and like it. ;) I forget how depraved the human mind is when Christ has not entered to transform it. I have been praying for these ladies.

    I know I did photos of the kids right around mother's day in a post called "A Photo Heavy Post", and had a Mercy update last week. I'll see what good photos we get, though. Lately we have been so busy I have taken very few photos.

    I am 26 weeks this week, so I guess it is going fast. Especially since I didn't tell anyone until I was 14 weeks. I feel MUCH better this time around. Anything would be better than Bethany's pregnancy though. In general, as long as I pace myself, I suppose I have done really well this time.

    Oh yeah- forgot to put in the above post that we canned 16 pints of peach jam and have 8 quarts of cut up peaches in the freezer. THat whole pacing myself didn't happen today! haha.

  4. You know, I am hearing more and more of sites getting hit by this kind of harassment. I have been immune so far but horrible!

  5. If you do end up going private, I'd love to be able to keep reading. I don't post a comment often, but I've been following Mercy's journey since I saw you post on MOMYS a while back!

  6. I like you live in a bubble. I just don't get why anyone would do that to you. At times like this, I find myself looking up to Heaven and saying, "Come, Jesus, come!"

  7. That happened to me one time with a vegan site. Vegan! Weird, huh? They called me the 'crazy fundie' and I watched the thread for a while and then I finally jumped in and responded fairly nicely explaining they were quite wrong about me and then telling them about the Lord, why we do what we do, etc. The funny thing was, the thread ended abruptly! Hardly another comment was made and they all left my site post haste. It was surprising but I was thankful. Those types of situations can be so unnerving and upsetting!!

    On to the garden update... we have cucumbers just starting to come in. We have harvested a little bit of squash and have a good many green tomatoes on the vine. It's looking good so far! Oh, we also have okra just starting to come in. I'm hoping in the next few weeks to be up to my eyeballs in produce! We're still having issues with roly polys eating our lower leaves but thankfully all the plants are big enough to survive the onslaught. I'm not sure we'll get any watermelon since I had to replant them from the roly poly devastation and they are still pretty small. We'll see!

    Also, if you decide to go private, I would love to be added to the list!

  8. Carri,

    So sorry you had to go through this. You are an inspiration to many more than those few small minded people.

    Please don't let them discourage you.



  9. Can I come in? I feel like I have caused you so much trouble. It has all been so nasty. Your beautiful girl...those comments have bothered me more than anything they have said about me!

    I am so impressed with the canning. I always feel like I have to can a whole bunch at once and never think about putting up slightly smaller amounts (not that 16 pints is small!). So I don't do it often enough. I have this idea that it has to be 25 quarts or it's not worth doing. So, of course, I never do it. :)

    I'm glad to read your garden update. It reminds me that all of this will be behind us someday and we can just be "normal" again. Lisa~

  10. Delurking to say, I would love to continue reading your blog, its inspirational. Thanks for posting!


  11. Lisa- You may post as much as you want. I am not ashamed of my friends.

    I have not had any links at all to the blog since Saturday. I think they have dropped it.

    Thanks to all of you who have "delurked" to say they like the blog. I have no plans to take it private as of right now, since I do not feel my children are in danger any more.

  12. My gosh, Carri.. what happened? Were people leaving nasty comments or something? I am having trouble seeing what in the world negative thing anyone could have to say about you!

  13. Just found your blog from another blog, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. Will be praying for Mercy, and for those who feel it necessary to hurt those who think differently than they. So sad. Another blog that I read frequently went offline around this same time, and I am betting that some of the same people targeted it, too. What a loss.....Oh, and congrats on Samuel Ezra - he joins a wonderful family!!