Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Motherhood Poem

Let Her Celebrate!

I am not really a poem sort of person, but I thought this was so encouraging this morning.


Let the mother of many celebrate her numbers
and glory in the ornaments which decorate her life.
Let her not be swayed by the scoffers,
nor riled by the ignorant.
Let compassion be her way
and humility guide her thinking.
Let her pin her badge of many blessings
to her breast and be known
for what the Lord God has called her to do.

Let the mother of some celebrate her bond
and relish the closeness that more time permits.
Let her not feel scorned by Leah or Hagar,
nor be jealous of their cup.
Let diligence be her walk
and contentment lift her prayers.
Let her perceive what is hers
and freely pursue wonderful things for the dear ones
that the Lord has entrusted to her care.

Let the mother of one celebrate her treasure
and delight to invest her whole self in this one.
Let her be convinced of the harvest to come
from this Isaac, this John.
Let fear be her beginning
and wisdom be her trail.
Let her seek the Lord
and proceed with awe in raising up for Him
this blessing so special as to demand her all.

Let the mother of none worship the Lord
and praise Him for drawing her close to His heart!
Let her rise up and look beyond her gate
and make her good works available to others.
Let trust in His plan be her sustenance
and service to His will be her drink.
Let her revere the gift He has given
that she should have liberty to love Him
with a love freer from distraction.

~Author Unknown~


  1. Hi...the author is not unknown. I am the author. Curious as to how you found it listed as "unknown?" Blessings!

  2. Dear Grafted Branch...

    I am so sorry. I got this off your blog, but Did not see that you were the author, so thought it was anonymous. Please forgive me for not giving you your due. If you e-mail me whatever part of your name you would like to credit it, and I will gladly amend the poem. It encouraged me today.

    petersonclan at momys dot net.

  3. Hi, I found your site from the Heart of the Matter Blogroll. We are homeschoolers from the state of Georgia.


    Oh, I am featuring the SpellQuizzer software giveaway on my GAhome2mom blog. Come check it out!

  4. No worries! I just wondered if it had shown up somewhere else that I didn't know about. :)

    And in the blogosphere, I'm strictly "Grafted Branch," so you can use that in the attribution. (Yeah...if I'd known I was going to be called by name--and sometimes "GB" for short--I'd have picked something prettier.) lol.

  5. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. I am a mother of "some" (4) but some people consider 4 "many". LOL.