Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pharmacy Fun Day

On Saturday our local Pharmacy had a Fun Day Celebration here in Whoville... and since I haven't said it yet, I will tell you how much we love our small town pharmacy. Even Dr. Adams in Cincinnati commented on how she had never worked with such an amazing pharmacy. Since Mercy is the only propanalol child they have, they just sell us the whole bottle of medicine at a time. It's not like we won't use it.

They have a drive through window. I love that.

If I cannot get into town to get our prescription filled, they will drive it out to my house. I try not to take advantage of it, but it is a nice benefit to have... it's not as easy as you think getting out of the house these days.

They only charge whole numbers of dollars... no cents. And they round down. So if your prescription would cost $7.87, they just charge $7. I know that would add up to a LOT of money lost over the course of a year, but in my book it adds up for a LOT of loyalty.

So anyway- we enjoyed the anniversary celebration on Saturday. Eric got to fly in for it...

Tried to get a photo of Eric and all the kids, but Emma was hiding behind Anna, and the back row was too dark anyway. Oh well.

Cool flag on the Firetruck, I thought...

They gave away 4 bikes, and Mercy won one of them. She was so excited!!! Wasn't it nice of us to match her dress to the bike?

Queen Mercy waving to her adoring public...

Angela and Bethie...

The most handsome guy in the world, and his littler clone...

Sweet, Sweet Sara.


  1. How fun! The base fire station did this for us and the girls loved it. We didn't win a bike but they did have water bottles and pot holders along with a bag full of informative flyers.

  2. I love these pictures, Mercy looks SO healthy and you can see the sparkle in her eyes now!!!!!