Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oma and Papa Pete's Land

This is a gratuitous post for Oma and Papa Pete... and all their friends who religiously read this blog. :) Eric took Matt, Nate, and Mercy by the land last week on his way home from Cincinnati... here are some photos.

Hi Oma and Papa Pete!

Happy cows are not only in California...


  1. Wow! That scenery photo makes me tempted to set up house there! How beautiful!!

  2. Are you SURE those cows are happy? It's kind of hard to tell from this far back. I mean... if I were a cow I'd be happy to have a pasture like that, but still...

    You know, it sure looks to me like you two are too young to be having all those children. What will people think when you are fifty and having grandchildren? It's not fair to the general public to look so young and happy. It might make someone less fortunate feel bad ;-D

    How are you fairing friend?
    I know we still have a few weeks to go, but I would be happy to have this baby on the outside ANY TIME!

    Love to you!


  3. We should be well on our way to grandchildren before 50... I am 38, and Angela is 16... :)

    As far as the baby arriving... I have 37 and 38 week babies, so can go at any time. I am getting desperate, Eric says that by the signs I am getting close. I hope he's right.

  4. Oh good! That is what I wanted to hear. I was going to feel pretty silly if you were movin' along at normal speed hardly noticing being pregnant (aren't you a pro at all this kind of thing?)
    I hope to hear your news soon, and I'll look forward to sharing mine.
    I did have ONE two weeks early...
    But I wouldn't bet on it a second time:-)

    P.S. I hope you encounter a real gem for Angela - I think grand babies are something to definitely look forward to! :-)

  5. Well, if laying in bed at night and crying because there is just no way I can go another day being pregnant is a sign of impending labor, bring it on. ;) Poor Eric.

  6. Ha ha ha!!!
    Dear dear friend!!! Thanks for the perfect encouragement:-)

    I'm praying for YOU.