Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sun Flare Challenge

We love this series of photos with Sara holding Sam... one of them has this cool sun flare, so I thought I would post it in the I Heart Faces Sun Flare Challenge.


I know it can be tweaked to have better color, but I don't know how to do it. Anyone want to give me tips on how to make it look better? I'd appreciate it.

Go check out the other (really good) photos at:


  1. wish i could help. i'm trying to relearn photoshop.

    I don't know if you have tried this before...

    it's free. easy to use.

  2. Thanks for the comment! So your hubby was on Futenma? We are right next door on Foster. Were you here with him? We love it! We've been here a year and still have 2 to go. Was your husband USMC? Wow so you have 9 kiddos?? It appears that way from your pic. My husband thinks that's awesome! He'd love a big family. We just have our one little boy so far who is almost 10 months. Just waiting for God's timing to bless us with another one. Thanks again and God bless! Oh P.S. You can download Picasa. It's free and very easy to figure out!

  3. Yes, MM- we were all there. Well, the ones who were born then. We arrived with one, adopted two, and had another in the four years we were there. We lived on Kinser.

    We actually have 10 children now... just my photo is outdated. I was looking at it yesterday trying to figure out how to get our newest photo of all 10 children on. It is pretty cool, but not as good as the 9 on the merry go round. :)

    I look forward to getting to know you! Enjoy your baby!~