Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My children...

Someone around here is raising some pretty sarcastic kids. I'm thinking it's my husband.

Yesterday I had Josiah with me to help with the Wal-Mart run. (Anyone else think that prices have risen again?!) Anyway. I was telling him about an idea I had run by Eric. I concluded with saying, "But he thought it was a Hair Brained Scheme. And he was probably right." (I am well known for my Hair Brained Schemes.)

Josiah said, "It's not like you are talking about re-arranging furniture or anything."

This scheme was MUCH bigger than re-arranging furniture. But he got my brain thinking about furniture, and the ever present dilemma of how to fit our growing family into the same awkward space. It's not easy.

So, being the good military kid I am, since moving is not an option, I announced that I needed my kids to help me prepare for Thanksgiving (we'll have 22 people here).

Silence descended.

Me: "C'mon, Angela, you won't mind helping me move furniture will you?"

She looked a bit like a deer in headlights.

Josiah: "Your silence is VERY reassuring."

Anna: "Sarcasm- back at ya!"

(Kudos to anyone recognizing the two movies these are quoted from...)

Angela: "Those sofas are pretty heavy!"

Me: "Oh come on. Just until 1:00? Then you can get back to school?"

Josiah: "My arms already hurt."

Anna: "I'm tired."

But being the great kids they are, they all pitched in and we re-arranged. At 2:00 the sofas were all re-arranged and they were heading to their rooms for school.

Hair Brained Scheme accomplished, before Eric came home to tell me I'm nuts.

EP- if you just read that... well, forget it. You'll love it. I promise.


  1. Miss Carrie you leave me laughing hysterically! You should post a pic of the changes... :-)

  2. "Monsters, Inc"
    I don't know the other one.

    Great kids.
    Clever mom.
    Tolerant husband.
    Sounds like a wonderful family.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that the phrase is "hare brained" as in a rabbit (a hare)...not "hair."

    ...............immichal AT yahoo...