Friday, December 11, 2009

Once again...

Once again, many days have passed without a significant post. Honestly, yes, I am incredibly busy. Busier than I have ever been. But mostly it's because I think I am coming down with Adult Onset ADD. Or something. Having 10 children at home all the time gives the opportunity for approximately 3 seconds in a row to think. I've already had 4 interruptions just in writing this paragraph.

Make that 6.

Adding the interruptions to sleep deprivation and my brain is just plain too fuzzy for words. At least anything you would like to read about! I compose great things in the middle of the night, when it is silent, and no one is there to interrupt. But I am feeding the baby, not typing.

So- sometime in the next decade I am sure I will be back to normal. Whatever that is. And until then, I will schedule a few re-runs from last year's Christmas to remind us of what Christmas is all about.

Here's a hint... it's not about getting gifts. Or decorating. Or even baking. It's about family. And giving. And remembering that Christ denied himself, came down out of heaven, lived as a human, and died the perfect sacrifice for our sins.

See- maybe I DO still have a thought in my head. Even if I am now at interruption 21.

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