Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Traditions

This was first published last year... This year we haven't read it yet, because all the kids are in this play this year. If you live around here, please come see The Best Christmas Pageant Ever ! Tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday night at 7 at Living Word.

I thought I would be tired of the story because of the play, but I'm not. We'll be reading it next week.


We did another of our Christmas Traditions, which was to read the book The Best Christ Christmas Pageant Ever. Oh how we laugh at that book. This year they laughed especially hard at this part on page 55:

"Since none of the Herdmans had never gone to church or Sunday school or read the Bible or anything, they didn't know how things were supposed to be. Imogene, for instance, didn't know that Mary was supposed to be acted out in one certain way - sort of quiet and dreamy and out of this world.

The way Imogene did it, Mary was a lot like Mrs. Santoro at the Pizza Parlor. Mrs. Santoro is a big fat lady with a little skinny husband and nine children and she yells and hollers and hugs her kids and slaps them around., That's how Imogene's Mary was - loud and bossy."

After they stopped laughing hysterically, Sara (age 5) said, "Mama... you're not fat."

Sweet thing. So delusional. ;)

I don't slap them around either, but that's beside the point.

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