Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What I've Been Up To

Once again, I have bowed to the pressure of "WHY HAVEN'T YOU POSTED ON YOUR BLOG?!?!"

And, "Where are your photos? I love the photos..."

And to my Friend (E.L. to name names...) who asked what I do all day.

Here you go... example one of what I have been doing lately:

We got to let Sam meet his Grandpa.

And charm the socks off his Grandma.

And play with his Big Brother who loves him oh so much...

And really... if you had the opportunity to photograph that smile, wouldn't you do it too? Even if E.L. HAPPENS to shoot with a Canon. I like her anyway. She has a great laugh.

And those pants... aren't they cute? Not to mention the tooshie...

Another of Nate and Sam. Those two are going to be great friends someday. So that, my dear friends, is something of what I have been doing lately.

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  1. LOL! Miss Carrie you're hilarious... :-) Thanks so much for the pictures! And I never meant to insinuate that you sit around and do nothing all day! Boyo, I do get my tongue in a dither... That baby looks EXACTLY like a Peterson. You guys have the most distinguished visage - and the CUTEST noses... :-) Hope we see you guys sometime soon - I always enjoy the many laughs I get when in the presence of a Peterson!

  2. Oh....to see Sam in Jonanthan's Christmas suit from last year makes me so happy! He is precious Carri and thanks for the Christmas letter and picture..they are proudly displayed in our dinif room!