Sunday, December 7, 2008

Computers and Small Towns

In case you are new around here, I live in a VERY small town. There are only 2000 people in the town. It is one mile (literally) from entering to leaving. Usually people know I am pregnant before I know it. (Although the current rumor that I am pregnant again is NOT true.)

Usually I LOVE living here. But it has been an adjustment. Like trying to get things fixed. You better not need to get into a hardware store after noon on a Saturday. It'll be closed. Start those house projects early so you know what you need to buy at the last minute. A friend of mine has had her van in the shop for over a month and they have yet to START on it. And I dropped my sick computer off at the computer doctor's office last TUESDAY and they still have yet to be in to finish working on it. Sigh.

So I hijacked Angela's computer, but it doesn't have e-mail. If you have tried to reach me, I didn't get it. Please e-mail me at peterson dot carri at gmail dot com until I get my old computer set back up. Boy do I miss that thing!

So - bottom line - small towns are great. Until you need something. Then they move v e r y s l o w l y .


  1. WOW you live in a big town! Try a town of under 1000 and 30 minutes from anything bigger! Our town is maybe a 1/2 mile across!

  2. Well I hope they get your computer fixed soon:) That would stink, and the one about the car oh my, I hope they don't need to go anywhere:)

  3. Hope you get your computer fixed soon! If not let me know, I know someone who might get to it quicker...

  4. I thought I was in a small town (18,000). But I came here from a big city (10 years ago), so this was culture shock to me. But we have the same problem. Our lawn mower has been in the shop for two months and forget finding children's shoes. I'm so grateful for the Internet. Hope you get your computer back soon. Lisa~