Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm just a Rebel Wanna - Be

I went from a friend's blog to My Charming Kids and discovered the neatest idea... for a $10 donation which will be split between three charities - one for bereavement when a baby you are carrying has a terminal diagnosis, and two which are for adoption grants. In exchange for that donation, you can be entered in a drawing for a totally cool camera which I have been saving up for for over a year. And I have nowhere near the money saved yet.

With Christmas coming, we spend so much for our presents, and food, and everything else. I think that we should find extra charities (or ministries within the church) to give to. Our pastor has encouraged everyone in our church to give a tenth of what we spend on Christmas to missions. $10 is no where near that, is it?

I don't think that giving gifts is bad. I love to give my family gifts they will enjoy. But are we also giving to those who desperately need us? Are we giving our lives for those who are less fortunate?

I'm off my soapbox now. And I consider it a privilege to help out. Whether I win a camera or not. But I won't be opposed to prayers that I win, OK?! ;)

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  1. Is this not the coolest idea!! It is crazy that one little blog can make such a diffrance I'm glad you added this to your blog so others will be incouraged to help out!