Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Best $25 You'll Spend This Summer

Well, folks... it's that time again. Yes, the Bible Bee has come to town. This year the headquarters has totally re-vamped the program and it is INCREDIBLE!!! We saw such growth in our children last summer, and I anticipate to see even more this year. Let me introduce you to what they are doing.

On Monday the boxes arrived containing the materials.

The kids were so excited... they had been watching for the UPS guy all morning long.

First thing they saw upon opening the box was a DVD which stated that we should watch that first.

So we did. Made the enjoyment last longer.

Each child received a Bible in the translation which they would be memorizing, a study notebook with a Bible study of the book of Colossians, a T-shirt, a Button, and the verse cards... printed on nice thick cardstock. These are all top quality products... well worth the $25 entrance fee even if you never did anything more.

Even Nathan was able to get all these, since he is a "supportive sibling".

They immediately donned the t-shirts and looked through everything.

And since I have 6 children competing, and Nate as a supportive Sibling, I immediately required that they initial Every Piece Of Bible Bee Stuff so I avoid future conflicts about whose Bible it is, etc. We also put the cards on rings so they are not lost. At least not yet.

Did I also mention that there is a study guide and Bible Study for each parent? So we can study it with them? It's all about family discipleship... one verse at a time. Parents and kids together.

Also included in the box was a CD with a Sword Drill game to play on the computer and help them memorize. I have told the children they can play all the computer they want if they are playing the sword drill. LOL.

Some of the girls headed out to the tree fort, which has been dubbed "The Bible Bee Clubhouse" so they could get a head start on their verses.

The only downside to this whole thing? Packing Peanuts.

I hate packing peanuts. No matter how carefully you do it, they get EVERYWHERE.

But we got them all cleaned up, I survived, and now we are full on ready to have a great summer... growing closer to the Lord and each other.

If you have not signed your children up please do. If the amount of verses from last year intimidated you, there are many fewer verses than last year. It is a wonderfully manageable amount. Your children can have no better way to spend their summer... please head to the Bible Bee website and check it out...


  1. Woo Hoo Peterson Clan. This is a GREAT blog, thank you for sharing. I hope other BB'ers head on over. :)

    ~Dawn ("Bee") :D

  2. We are thrilled with the BB material in our box! Since I signed everyone up as a supporting sibling we won't be competing, but we will be learning and growing together, and if that isn't an worthy investment, I don't know what is!

  3. We also are signed up. It was so exciting to see that UPS truck pull up. I only have 1 signed up but will possibly sign up 1 more. I can't believe how much better it seems this year. I agree, all that you get is well worth the money and also I hated those packing peanuts too. I wish we had taken picture like you all did, great idea, Missy

  4. We love the Bible Bee! Thanks for the great post.