Thursday, June 3, 2010

One of my Favorite Things...

The You Capture theme this week is to just pick your favorite photo from the week. And although I got some really neat photos of bugs on my garden plants (grr...) and some great ones of many of the kids, and actually got a group photo where 10 kids didn't look funny... here is my favorite shot of the week.

Isn't she just as beautiful as can be? And I assure you that she has a personality to match. For those of you following the surgeries that Mercy had to remove her hemangioma (you can read about her by clicking at the top of the blog where it says, hemangioma, propranalol, and PHACE Syndrome.) She is healing quite well. There is still some swelling, so you will have to wait until it goes down to see a photo of her incisions. The dr. was able to lift the skin covering the eye and make the two eyes symmetrical. He was also able to remove almost all of the cheek section of hemangioma and the scarring. In all it looks good.

I'll post photos in a week or two once the swelling has gone down completely. Thanks for all your prayers!


  1. What a sweet, sweet picture! She is gorgeous!

  2. She is beautiful and amazing. I can't believe the start the progression and the now. I can't wait to see the other pictures. Thank God for Mercy!!! in so many ways.

  3. I am amazed. God is so great! She is now, and always has been, lovely. Lisa~

  4. that is indees a beautiful shot!
    I have joined in too
    Plz do visit

  5. The light reflected in her eyes, the softness of the light... very nice!

  6. Oh my that is a beautiful girl very well captured by her mommy! Love it!

  7. Carri: I always enjoy visiting your Peterson Clan website--the photos are so vivid and they capture the beauty of God's creations--including your lovely family and all of nature! The accompanying text is always interesting and heart-warming too!

    In love and friendship,