Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some People's Parents

I have written several times about soccer in our Whoville Park** each Sunday evening. (If you have not read them, go Here and here and here .) This is a great time of family fun where all the kids and some of the parents get out and play soccer. It is greatly enjoyed by all who attend.

But don't let this face fool you.

She's not out to have fun. This woman is out for blood. Playing soccer turns her quite Savage .

She only looks like she is smiling. I believe this happened after she prevented my wonderful husband from getting a goal.

See how tired she got? Old people shouldn't be out in that hot sun.

And we will pretend that no one heard the words, "It's mine, all mine..." come out of her mouth.

Because, of course, this whole getting together on Sunday evenings is all about the chance to have the kids play together and have a good time.


** "Whoville" is a pseudonym. Don't google it. You may find it somewhere but it won't be us. Just thought I would clarify.


  1. She's no Cindy Lou Who...that's obvious! It's just rude for her to keep your wonderful husband from getting a goal. LOL! Lisa~

  2. Misti is so competitive...maybe should should have a soccer time cage so others can play :)

  3. This has made me laugh! Great pictures too!