Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Serious Redneck Moment

Before reading my post, please go over to Amy's Humble Musings and read about her winding country lane... then come back here. You will enjoy mine much more for having read hers. She wrote it the day before yesterday. So go on over there...

OK- you back? Sweet post, wasn't it? Anyway- we were visiting Amy yesterday. She has kids the same ages as my younger kids, and the same gender order, so it works great. Eric and Amy get into verbal sparring matches, Greg and I just watch and laugh.

As we were ready to go out, Eric wanted to see the gun they just bought. So we spent another 15 minutes looking at it (while the kids were waiting in the car...), then finally left. As we drove down the winding country lane she described so eloquently, we see a car off in the ditch on the side of the rode. An older man is in the back seat.

Of course, we stop to see if he's OK, and to see if he needs help. He explains he ran off the road, and the driver's door was just too heavy. Then he climbed to the back, but couldn't slide that door open. Well, Eric helps him get out, and HE HAS TO MOVE HIS LEG WITH BOTH HANDS!!!

I thought, "This is the guy from the blog!!!" (Eric said later he had the same thought.) Unfortunately we are not totally Kentucky yet, so we don't have a chain to haul a car out of the mud. So we had to search for one.

We went back to Amy's, but all they had was tire chains, which would not have been strong enough.

So we went on and found another neighbor with a kid with a Big Ol' Truck, and a chain. The young man and his dad came and had a great time pulling the van out of the ditch. It was a magnificent sight... and about as Kentucky as could be. Just thought I'd share...


  1. Oh I love it! I'm a great fan of Amy's and of course I had to come see what the follow-up was! Now I'll have to explore your blog!

  2. I love both stories. I didn't know you knew Amy fun! I love living in the country! Lisa~

  3. That is so funny, you should see that same man. I love the part above where you and Greg watch the other two spar. :)

  4. No way! I thought about the poop man who has to move his leg and after the comic side of it wore of (Amy did make it sounds quite funny you know?), I realized what a danger he really poses to himself and others. I prayed for him. Well, but you guys out of all the people on that road to see him in the ditch and pull him out? That is totally a God thing, well, redneck, yeah! And just days after?!!! Thanks for sharing. DId you tell the guy he was becoming famous just a few days ago? And that he has people praying for him? Be blessed, Haven't caught up on your blog in a while, girl. We'll try to to after school.

  5. What a hoot! So you mean to say that when Amy writes she's always telling the truth? :)

    Seriously...a man who has to move his leg with both hands. Now that's a sight to see.

    I am jealous that you get to go to Amy's house and visit in REAL LIFE. If I ever go to the South, I am going to look for Amy's address and go over and have a visit. Perhaps you can join us! :D

    I, too, am going to explore your blog. I love the picture of the kids, by the way. Very creative.