Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bible Bee... Are you signed up?

I just finished signing my oldest 5 up for the Bible Bee. Have you checked it out? If not, go do so, then come on back... we'll wait.

I cannot tell you how much we are looking forward to doing this. For those of you who are local, we are sponsoring a contest at Living Word. This is a great opportunity to have your children hide God's Word in their hearts. It is inexpensive, and a wonderful thing to do as a family or church group. I'd love to see our competition get so full we need to open another site to fit all the children! If you live within an hour or two of Burkesville, KY, please consider enrolling your children. Please pass the word on to homeschool groups and churches in the area. The more Bible the children memorize, the better, huh?

And anyway- you gotta love the competition which asks how many children you will be enrolling (ages 7-18)... and gives you the options of 1 - 15! Someone's been thinking of us poor larger families who never have enough room on enrollment forms!

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