Friday, March 6, 2009

Mercy Update 3/ 6 / 09

The day started really, really well this morning. When Mercy got up I thought the hemangioma may have looked smaller and felt softer. Of course, this is what I was hoping for, so I thought maybe I was just imagining things. It also seemed her eye opened a little better. When Dr. Adams and all the residents / fellows who do the rounds came in, all of them agreed with this before I mentioned my thoughts.

This is a very subjective sort of thing, nothing objective about it at all. Mercy will have another MRI in a month, and that will be compared with the MRI from last week, and THAT will be the definitive measurements. But for today at least, it looks like the hemangioma may be responding to the propranalol. (Maybe?)

We had a good morning... went to the toddler room to play for a couple hours. Mercy acted great, no problems. We returned to the room at 12, and she immediately started going downhill. Her blood pressure was very low, but they finally got a reading that was OK. Then she started throwing up, and has been throwing up all afternoon. Since one of the propranalol issues is the need to keep her hydrated so that her blood sugar doesn't drop, this is a big deal. She is now on IV fluids for the night, and we are probably not going to be able to leave tomorrow morning.

They think that maybe she picked up something from the hospital... a stomach bug or something. But there is the chance that this is a reaction to the medicine. I could use prayers! I am thankful for the computer as a way to still connect with everyone, but I would rather be home with my husband and kids!!!

I'll keep you posted on what's happening through the weekend... Gotta go - Mercy's IV is beeping...


  1. Hang in there Carri. We are praying for Mercy, and you. Remember, God knows just where each of his children are at every moment. Can't you see that big angel sitting near Mercy's little head? Love you,

    Kathy MO

  2. I just recently found your blog. I hope that everything will go better for Mercy tonight and tomorrow. I am so sorry that she and you are having to go through so much...prayers are with you.

  3. Oh you sweet things....I hope she feels better and I hope mama gets some rest. Thanks for the update! Lisa~

  4. Carri,
    Praying for Mercy as I have my number..if you need anything at all I'm a phone call away!! Love you guys!


  5. She's in my prayers. Billy, her biggest fan in Australia, is saying special prayers too.

  6. So sorry to hear this Carri. If you need us to help call. We are praying!

  7. Hey Carri!
    Just wanted you to know you all are in my prayers. If you need anything let me know.
    Your Friend,
    Melissa J.

  8. Still praying for Mercy !! Thank you so much for the update.

    I will be praying for you also of course.

    Please take care.

  9. Thanks for the updates, Carri! Continuing to pray for sweet little Mercy (and for Eric and the kids back at home)!!

    In His Love,
    Sarah in WA

  10. Praying here for Mercy and you, Carri, especially for a good night's sleep on those hospital couches.

    Lisa E in CO

  11. Carri, we're praying here for Mercy, as well! HUGS!
    beck and clan!