Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moving Mountains

Two weeks ago we were in the thick of things with fighting the insurance company to cover Mercy's treatments. Eric and I were pretty frustrated at the denials which just seemed to be unreasonable. I posted about it, and got many people praying. I also got some reminders that God is in control, and to be sure we continue to walk in the Spirit and remember we are examples of Him.

Thanks for those reminders! I needed them!

Last Wednesday we got the approval, and scheduled the time in the hospital to start tomorrow. I was relieved, and thankful, but still a little resentful at the difficulty we had getting this done. After all- if we didn't do the experimental propranalol we would have to do Chemotherapy!!!

Well, let me show you how great our God is. And the power of prayer. And the fact that mountains are still moved with the faith of a mustard seed.

Yesterday Eric got a phone call from the president of the insurance company. Anyone know we would never in a million years expect that? Anyway- she explained that the company never approves experimental procedures, but that she personally had decided to approve it. Why would she do that? She has a nephew who had a large facial hemangioma, with eye socket involvement, so she "understands" hemangiomas. She has taken such an interest in Mercy's case that she has already preapproved for us to go to New York to see Dr. Waner (the most famous hemangioma surgeon in the world). We don't feel a need to use this option, but it is so nice to know that if we want to, she would approve it.

It is also nice to know that we will no longer have to struggle for approval for anything Dr. Adams wants to do with Mercy's treatment. We have this woman's extension, and orders to call her if we ever need anything.

Can you tell me that isn't just an awesome move of God? I didn't understand why in the world there would be such a struggle to try one last thing before we need to do chemotherapy. Now I know... this one struggle has paved the way for us to not need to struggle again as long as Eric's company uses this insurance company for medical coverage.

Please continue to pray tomorrow as we head to Cincinnati to start the propranalol. If it is going to help, it will do so quickly. Pray for no side effects, pray for a reduction in the size of the hemangioma. I will have my new (to me) laptop, and camera, and hopefully will be able to keep everyone updated.


  1. Praise! Praise! Praise!
    Prayer! Prayer! Prayer!

  2. Yes Carrie! I will pray!!!! Praise God what a wonderful testimony and THANK YOU so much for sharing and blasting those Thanksgivings and Prayers. He is SO GOOD.....SO MERCY-ful :O)

  3. That is so good to hear! It is so encouraging to read stories of how the Lord works things out.

  4. Carrie,
    Praise God for His perfect timing and providential care! I cried when I read your story - so many times I find myself just beginning to reach a state of panic when, out of nowhere, God sends me a reminder that HE IS IN CONTROL AND HE NEVER FAILS!!!
    Remaining steadfast in prayer for yours,

  5. You made my jaw drop.
    We serve such an awesome
    spectacular God who does "exceedingly more than we could imagine" Eph 4


  6. Carri,
    I am so Happy for you and Eric...just goes to show no matter the thing that stands infront of us..God is still God and he CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!


  7. Wow! That is so Awesome!
    Three cheers to our Great God!
    -Prayin' for ya!