Thursday, March 5, 2009

Garden Club Friday! 3/ 6/ 09

Welcome to The Garden Club! Today is our First Club Meeting... so feel free to jump in! With all the people trying to learn to grow food for their families, I thought it would be a good idea to give us all a day to post about our progress and to ask questions of those who have done this a time or two more than we have. It will be a great place to come to find some collective wisdom... whether in successes or failures.

As some of you may know, I am in the hospital this week with my little one... if you want more information on her, click the Mercy Medical Link, and you will be able to read other posts on her.

Since I knew I would be having our first meeting while here, I took some photos of what's going on with my seed starts. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera cord to download them to my laptop, so this post will have to be photo-less.

You can go here , here, here and here to see my previous weekly posts on my seed starting adventures. Last year I planted a garden, and this year my wonderful husband (did I mention he is home with the 8 non-hospitalized children?! What a guy!) built me a "grow station" above my washer and dryer to start seeds. They are doing great!!!

- This week I learned that whatever is in the Jiffy pellets you use water to expand will get the seeds to sprout in about half the time of the Jiffy Seed Starting Soil. Just FYI.

A funny thing happened last weekend... a friend who reads this blog (Hi Maria!) said that around our town I needed to be careful who I told about my Grow Lights as most people who what grow lights are not growing Vegetables, but other Recreational Drugs, if you catch my drift. Ahem.

Monday morning I was laying in bed waking up, and what did I hear but a HELICOPTER flying over my house. First thing I thought was, "Guess someone tipped off the National Guard..." Haha. Around here the NG will fly over periodically and be sure they cannot find anyone growing pot. It struck me as humorous, especially in my sleep deprived state.

So here are the rules:

-Take the photo from the top for your post.
-Post about your week's progress (or plans for next week) in a post...
- Be sure to link back here
- Put your address in Mr. Linky, hereafter referred to as the Garden Guru... then go over to all the other Gardening Posts and start turning those black thumbs green!


  1. The Helicopter flying over your house has cracked me up!!!I was gonna try the Mister Linky thing but it's get'n late here I promise next club metting I will join in! Praying for you as I know the hospital is not a fun place to be...give Mercy (((HUGS))) for us praying she is well and home soon!!


  2. I've been told that the Jiffy pots (due to the peat moss) are not a good plan. Something about the peat causes pepper seeds not to germinate.

    I'm using jiffy pots for some flowers and tomatoes--I guess we'll see.

    I just found you through Frugal Friday--I will definitely be back!

    LMBO about the helicopter. Priceless.

  3. I'm afraid I can't abide by the rules of your post, thuogh I would love to play! You can click on my name and see my garden. Right now we are harvesting lettuce and turnips from my garden (you can see those in one of the pictures in my slide show), green onions, and herbs from my garden. In about a week we can harvest parsnips and Sugar snap peas.

    This week I am carefully (with a small hand shovel) thinning new lettuce transplants and moving them to other parts of the garden (this works best in the late afternoon; they die if you do it at noon. Water them real well and they usully take).
    I am fertilizing my berries and I plan on planting green beans in the garden in the next day or two. My tomatoes are already in the ground, and most of my garden is already seeded and sprouting. I still need to plant basil and oregano as well.

  4. That is too funny about the grow lights. I went to Lowe's last year looking for the green florescent lights, and told my husband I got some strange looks. "You know why, don't you?" he said. I had never even thought of that!! It makes sense though. We missed out on the helicopter experience though but that is PRICELESS!

  5. Jolly late on the spot. I'll be sure to visit on time weekly:-)

  6. I did it Carrie! The whole linky thing was very much intimidating but it was so simple (well....had to have my twelve year old sit here w/me just in case - lol). I've got my first photos up and am looking forward to next week! Very excited! Thanx!

  7. We have started some broccoli seeds inside and planted onions, peas and spinach outside.