Saturday, May 9, 2009

Warning: A photo heavy post!

In honor of Mother's Day tomorrow, I am posting a bunch of my favorite reasons to be a mom. ;) We had a fun day at our friend's house the other day, and now the kids are begging for a cart pony. I already vetoed the snake, but could be very convinced of the pony. I have it on great authority that if the children are all outside with the pony, the house stays clean. It's worth the try!

Joe and McG Snake

Joe and McG Pony



And now: in order of age... a few of my favorite reasons to be a Mama!

Angela... age 16...


Angela tree

Matthew ... Age 15 ...

Matt and the tree

Josiah ... Age 12...

Joe and the swing

Anna ... Age 9 ...


Emma ... Age 7 ...


Sara ... Age 5 ...

Sara Smiling

Nathan ... Age 4 ...

Nate Tree

Mercy ... Age 2 ...

Mercy Grass 2

Bethany ... Age 10 months ...


And now, at the risk of bogging down your computers, but because I have so many beautiful photos of my children taken while they and friends were playing with cameras, some of my other favorites from the last couple weeks:

Mercy Grass

Mercy Bandit

Sara Flowers


Sara Running

Emma Anna

These all show Emma so very well... her personality is wonderful!

Emma Smile

Emma Back

Emma Frown

Emma Laughing


  1. Great pictures!! Very beautiful!

  2. Wonderful photos! I can't believe Angela is 16. I still remember strolling Okinawa castle with them as little ones.


  3. Oh I LOVE seeing the pictures of your kids. My favorite is the one with the two boys and the dog walking down the dirt road.

    My kids want a cart pony too. Let us know what you find out about that! Lisa~

  4. I hope you do not mind if I attempt an oil painting of some of your pictures. They are so great. Cheryl Williams

  5. I especially like those last four shots (especially the very last one). Her expressions are priceless. Sometimes the "outtakes" are the very best, don't you think?