Friday, May 8, 2009

Garden Club 5/ 8/ 09

Good morning garden friends! Anyone else having this horribly WET week that we are? I am sure that once the sun in out our plants will grow like gangbusters, but right now they are a little soggy!

We did have ONE quick moment of sun... I blogged about it Here. The gardens are mostly weeded, except for the one which has corn in it... since corn and grass look similar, to say the least we need to wait to see which is which.

My peas look wonderful. My beans are growing, and the strawberries are flourishing. My broccoli and cauliflower are weak. I doubt they will be doing much. My peppers look good, but the tomatoes are still weak. We'll see if they grow or die.

Something is getting into the side garden, through the fence we put up. I suspect it's rabbits. They seem to like one of the three boxes over the others... all I have are stems left in them. Cucumbers, tomatoes, anything... just stems. Anyone have any ideas for keeping the critters out? It is right next to the house, so I thought the dogs would do a lot to keep things out, but maybe not.

It seems that Mr. Linky is on strike today, so just leave your links in the comment section.

Hope you are doing well!


  1. We are so soggy too!! It is really unbelievable.... I keep reminding myself how we will be begging for rain in August. :)
    Strangely enough, of everything I have planted this year, my PETUNIAS in front of the house look the worst! (Well... that and the fact that the first set of squash never came up at all.)
    Good luck with the rabbits. Some friends of ours had trouble with them too, in spite of having 4 big rabbit-chasing dogs.
    (I didn't get a Garden Club post up this week, but hopefully will be back next week.) :)

  2. I don't know how my garden is doing well this year. Last year I got a bit of green beans and zucchini out of my ear, but only 3 green tomatoes. This year, my tomato plants look like I will have to can tomato sauce. Darn.

    Its probably because I moved them. Where I had them last year I put flowers this year and most of them got eaten by bunnies. I am visiting friends, and they lost several pepper plants to bunnies too. They have just the pepper plants fenced off and replaced a few a couple of days ago. I guess peppers are popular with bunnies.