Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nathan's Birthday

We are in the middle of Birthday Season Part 1 at the Petersonclan Farm. Between Mercy's birthday on Christmas Day, and Josiah's on March 17 we have 6 birthdays. Here is Nate enjoying turning 5.

He was so excited to have a birthday. The poor kid had to wait to open his gifts until late at night because we were so busy... but open them he did.

Every self-respecting family needs a fireman.

He also got a bike helmet...

So shiny new you can even see the reflection of me taking the photo...

We recycled the bike Matt was given when he turned 6. Nate didn't care... he was thrilled to be able to ride it! The only other bike close to his size was the pink one Mercy won at the Pharmacy day last fall.

Look at that sweet face.

And here he is climbing a tree. I am not sure where my baby went, but he is on the fast track to growing up.

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