Saturday, January 1, 2011

3/365 Blessings: Fondu

We ring in the New Year with an all day snack and game fest. This year we added a new tradition: Fondu.

I bought these pots when we were in Japan with the Marine Corps. I love them! I think they are so cute.

But I never use them. I declutter regularly, and always feel ashamed that I love these pots too much to get rid of them, yet I never use them.

So I decided to stop feeling guilty, and arrange a fondu party. We had an oriental sauce, BBQ, Cheese, and mustard sauces for the main course. To dip in them we had broccoli, cauliflower, Naan, carrots, and steak. (It was nice of the weather to be warm enough to allow my husband to grill them outside.) For dessert we had chocolate sauce, marshmallows, pound cake, rice krispie treats, and whatever else we could find to throw in.

It was not low calorie, but it was fun. I think we found a new tradition!

With that, I bid you a fond Fondu.


  1. I love this Carri.. what a neat idea, even if only for a family game night. Now to find some of those cool pots.. :)

  2. I thought I recognized those bowls! We are currently stationed in Japan with the AF :O) What a clever idea for them :O) Hope you guys enjoyed your relaxing day!

  3. P.S. Thanks for linking up so I can follow along on your journey this year :O)

  4. Great idea! I too keep carting around all my impractical Japanese bowls and dishes. The movers groan when they see my kitchen. ;-)

  5. All the food looks delicious! And I love the first shot, the pots are gorgeous.

  6. I like your pots. I like your blog too and will be checking in often. Happy 365