Saturday, February 26, 2011

36/365 -

I am working on catching up with my Project 365... you will notice a few days are missing. That is because I am getting pretty bored with taking photos inside, in low light, creating very noisy photos, which are very unsatisfying. Sigh. I am surely looking forward to spring.

So you will notice that I am missing Day 35. Sorry. ;)

Here is Day 36. We went to Pizza Night at some friend's house, and were delighted to listen to a quartet... it was wonderful!

From 2011 02 04

My wonderful Mother-in-law...

From 2011 02 04

And the cutest baby on the planet...

From 2011 02 04

And another cute baby... our church is overflowing with beautiful children...

From 2011 02 04

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