Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bible Bee Games

We have been putting together some games for the children to aid in studying for the Bible Bee. Feel free to check them out!

My friend Pam had made the following for learning the Bible Knowledge questions:



She has other fun ideas on her blog... check it out. (You can also scroll down and check out her garden. I wish mine looks like that!!! Beautiful.)

Ahem. Back to the Bible Bee...

I spent much of this morning making a game for the children to practice matching the references of the verses with the first three words. It seems that once they know those three words they can get the whole verse, so we are working on that. I did all the Category 1 verses for those in our group who are memorizing Category 1 first, the I did all three categories of the verses we have learned so far. I'll be adding to those each week as we pass the next sets of verses.

So feel free to check them out. There are some great verses these children are learning. I have been convicted with several of them...

I also have finished the Card Backs for Category 1 (Old and New Testaments... all 100 verses) if anyone wants them. Feel free to ask either by e-mail (petersonclan at momys dot net) or in the comment section of this post!

Happy Studying!

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  1. Neat games Carri. So did you type the questions and answers in one time and get all those different games? The variety of games is nice. This will be a great way to review. I hope you sent this in to the Bible Bee headquarters. Thanks for taking the time to do it!!