Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So Glad We Have a Ferocious Watchdog...

I have never even heard of this happening, but chalk it up to another "This only happens to Me" sort of phenomena...

The other night as it was getting evening, I see a deer in the field closest to the house. This is not unusual, as we have lots of deer around here, at least until hunting season.

This deer was bent down, and it appeared she was licking something in the tall grass. I thought she had given birth, and was licking the baby right there. I was wondering how to keep the dogs away from the fawn, when I saw the animal stand up. IT WAS ONE OF OUR DOGS!!!

Yes, our dog was playing with a deer. The next night we watched them play tag in and out of the tree line.

Anyone ever hear of that?!


  1. Amazing! That must have been a sight!

  2. Must be a city dog or the pet of city people -kinda like the goat of yours we found in the chicken house. You really have some weird animals. It must be the city influence. :) :)

  3. We have a LOT of deer also. I have never ever heard of that. Deer run away from dogs. It's like you were in a Disney movie. LOL! Lisa~

  4. Wow! How big is your dog?

  5. How strange indeed! And playing tag together? Amazing.

  6. That is crazy! Never heard of anything like it... except in "Bambi". Hmmm... Faith (my 6yo dd) would say that they are married now. They kissed. ;-)