Friday, June 12, 2009

Garden Club 6/ 12/ 09

We have been working so hard to get on top of the weeds this week. I have to admit that none of us complained when we had thunder storms Wednesday night, and rain all day Thursday. We were a bit relieved to have the excuse to sleep in instead of getting up early to weed! [Lisa of Best Life... note the photos of the children in the garden...]

kids in garden 3

kids in garden

kids in garden 2

My garden is looking great. I think I will have to replant some beans and corn, but it is not too late yet. I am trying to decide where to re-plant it. I think I will plant them around the current areas of broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower, because I think those will be coming out by the time the beans and corn need the sunlight and space. Anyone agree or disagree? I'd like them in my close kitchen garden so it is easier to weed and keep track of. Much as I like to ignore the fact, I AM 25 weeks pregnant, and it will be VERY hot soon. In the not too far future the back gardens will start looking very far away.



We have gotten a lot of peas, which have been added into everything imaginable. They tasted great in our cole slaw. The boys even claim they tasted good on their peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I read that idea on a blog and convinced them to try it. No one else was willing... wonder why. ;) I'm just a bit too pregnant to experiment with my food that way.

watermelon flower

The prettiest smelling parts of my garden.. the lavendar, the lemon balm, and the pineapple sage were all picked, and are now drying... so nice smelling.


So what's going on in your garden? Mr. Linky is still offline, so I suppose we are having to leave comments again. I am a little disappointed, as it seems that not all the comments are getting to me for moderation... if you do not see your link, please e-mail it to me at petersonclan at momys dot net . I'll figure out a way to get it up for you.


  1. I love the pictures...thank you! I didn't take it for granted. I poured over every photo and checked out all of the garden plants and the kids working (and like a good friend, I ignored every weed).

    I am encouraged that you have a weed problem. We had a huge garden for several years and were so discouraged by the constant battle over weeds. I would ask seasoned gardeners, "What do you do about the weeds?" and they's just act like it was no real problem and say they just go at it with a hoe every once in a while. I'd think, "Then I must be doing something wrong!" and I finally gave up. Next year, I'll try again. And when I do, you can demand pictures. LOL! Lisa~

  2. So those tall things in my beans cannot pass for thin corn? Bummer. ;)

    I'm all about being real... weeds and all. ;)

    Keep trying. I would def. not quit just due to weeds. We weed for 30 - 45 minutes each day. Sort of like house cleaning... it may not be 100% clean at any one time, but it will not get out of hand. And none of us will hate it by spending HOURS on our garden and still having weeds.

  3. I've missed the last couple of weeks--but glad to be able to participate this week. Here is my link. I've got blossoms and first fruits growing! So excited!

    We never did get around to planting our sad about that. Oh well, there is always next year, right?

    My garden in full of weeds, too..but the method that we chose this year has made it som much easier to keep them under control. And having having the beds makes it easy for the kids to navigate through and help me. Aren't those helpers the best? :)

    Thanks for hosting!

  4. Your garden looks great. I love seeing your children helping you. That will come in handy as you progress with your wee one on the way, I'm sure :) Thank you so much for participating!

    Have you tried switching Mr. Linky to the new server? I did that and it worked fine for me. Info. is on the Mr. Linky blog!