Friday, June 12, 2009

Lisa- This One's for You!!!

I have loved getting to know some wonderful bloggers... the internet is an amazing resource for those of us who are at home much of the time.

Well, Lisa asked in a comment for me to show photos of our farm, and house. I am glad to do so, but want to clarify some things before hand...

Our house used to be the milking parlor of a barn. The barn has pretty much fallen into disrepair, but we don't own it and there for are waiting for the owner to allow it to be torn down. It is really a menace.

Our house was added on to piece by piece, patchwork style. So to look at the outside, it looks kind of like a badly made patchwork quilt. BUT- we can afford it, and have plans to improve it, so we are thankful for it. Funny looking and all.

Just wanted to get that of my chest before I show the world what a funny looking house we live in. ;)

Here's the front, from the driveway.

front of house

Here's the left side:

House L Side

And here's the right side:

HOuse r side

From the front porch:

Our front yard...

front yard

To the Right:


To the Left:

chicken field

Far right side:


Back Field:

Side Field

We own 4 acres and a beautiful view. The house can use some work, and we are bursting out the seams with all these children growing larger, but we are thankful for God's blessings to us.

Now Lisa... I get to see photos of your house and farm, Right?!


  1. Oh it's so lovely! I love the quilted house's so charming. I love seeing where the garden is from the house. OK, I will do the same....this weekend. I promise! Thanks so much. I love seeing where people live! Lisa~

  2. Nothing wrong with that. It looks so big from the back and small from the front. Your views from the house are gorgeous.

  3. This is great! I have been so curious about your house, ever since I read about it formerly being a milking parlor awhile back! The 2 younger boys were looking over my shoulder as I was reading the post, and they were so excited about all the play stuff in your yard!

  4. I think it is lovely. And with a growing family there is nothing like "piecing" together--whatever!!! With 12 kids of my own I definitely know what it's all about!! I love your blog.

  5. Love the red roof! How cool is that... Never saw a red roof before - not even on the Red Roof motels!! ;0)

    Looks like a great place to grow up!

  6. Our red roof will eventually (if we ever get that far...) have all tan siding to temper it. We are currently at the point of deciding whether it is worth it to do all we want/ need to do for this house, or just build new. Our views on this change daily... we know what we would do if we were not limited by money. But since we have finite finances... well... we are not sure what to do.