Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Affordable Copies for school needs

I will be having many children pass through our humble little homeschool through the years I will be teaching. At this point, by the time Bethany graduates, I will have been teaching for almost three decades. Early on I realized the need to do this frugally.

I NEVER copy books which are copyrighted and say that no pages may be reproduced. But many companies are seeing the benefit of letting people copy their materials for "single classroom" or "single family" use. Critical Thinking Press, and Total Language Plus are two which come to mind quickly.

I invest early in these books... my school shelves are full of texts which I am allowed to copy for every child in my home.

How do I do this affordably, you may ask. It would be cheaper to buy the books outright sometimes than to do my own. So... I had to find another solution. The past two places where I have lived, the churches have let me bring my own paper and copy at the church. Usually companies and churches have contracts which have a fixed price for the service of the ink, etc., no matter how many pieces of paper you use. So I can copy away and not cost the church a dime it was not already spending. And I get to do it for the price of a couple reams of paper a year.

It's what works for me! Head over to Rocks in my Dryer for some more ideas!

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