Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yet another Nathan Funny

Nathan (age 3 until tomorrow) came up to me this weekend, looking very, very sad. He said, "Mama. I am being pretty whiny today."

"Oh really." I was congratulating myself on the wonderful job I was doing raising such a self aware child at so young an age. "I suppose it's almost naptime, and you can just take a nap today to help you be less whiny."

"Noooo.... I think that you should put a movie in so I am less whiny. That usually works."

That boy is a piece of work, I tell ya.


  1. yeah, yeah, yeah, cute kid wants movie. You need to add a search box to your blog. I am gonna make yogurt, finally, and I wanted to find what you said about it. And I can't. Help!
    (I'm just being snarky 'bout the cutie pie, he is a piece of work.) Funny how the littles in a large family can be so savvy.

  2. I wanted to let everyone know that the link Jenny asked about is:


    Happy cooking, Jenny! Sara was saying today how she likes the home made yogurt better than store bought.

  3. That's so clever...did he get the movie? LOL! I have one just like that. What would we do without those little laughs every day? What a blessing. I second the yogurt comment. We have goats and make goat yogurt all of the time. It's so easy and so yummy! Lisa~

  4. Nope. But he did get a snuggle to see if that would "help" his "whininess"... ;) Such a funny kid.