Monday, January 5, 2009

Let's Continue Making Memories

I guess I got on a roll at Christmas with this whole making memories thing... if you haven't realized it by now, I am one of those people who does things wholeheartedly. ;) Anyway... we enjoyed reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever so much, we just moved right on in to The Christmas Doll , which I bought at a used book store over a year ago. Although it looks like a girl book, there is also a boy involved, and enough suspense to keep you hanging at every chapter ending. There is just no good way to stop reading! And the kids beg me for more every day. It may have something to do with the fact that it is bedtime when we are finished, but we are all enjoying it. Actually, if I even stop for a minute to pick up Bethany or something, they are all saying, "Keep reading, Mama! Keep reading!"

I know that someday we will all look back on these dark winter evenings with fondness, and remember the characters in the book which have become our "friends." For now, Lucy, Glory, Nick, and Miss Thimblebee are all a part of our collective memories... and the children talk about them as if they were real people.

So I challenge you... find a time to read aloud in the day sometime... maybe at snacktime, while having "tea" (shhh - don't tell my kids about that idea or I'll have to read then too, and I am not sure my voice will hold out for that long!), or in the evening. Use your imagination, and I am sure you will find a time. Get some exciting books... and read aloud.

BUILD THOSE MEMORIES!!! Our children are only with us a short time. It will be a dream come true sometime when I see my children reading to their children in the evenings and hearing the cries of, "Keep reading, Mama! Keep Reading!"

(And speaking of reading, go visit Ship Full Of Pirates for more Help for Growing Families!)


  1. What a great idea. we started reading aloud the other day to our kids again. I have to say I have slacked off on this. I'm ashamed to say:( But that is one thing I plan to do more of in the New Year!

  2. This is one reason I love our curriculum, Ambleside Online. We are constantly meeting 'friends'!

  3. I absolutely LOVE our read aloud times! It is the one sure thing that I know my kids will have fond memories of. We all remember different books Dad or myself have read. We also have favorite audio stories we have listened to together. My personal favorite is 21 Balloons narrated by John McDonough.
    Great post to remember!