Saturday, January 10, 2009

My New Years Resolution

I have not been around much this week, have I? We are back full swing into school and all the busy-ness that entails. I am sure you can imagine.

I have also been working on losing some weight. It has become necessary... I want to be around and healthy and full of energy as my children grow up. So... I have been changing my diet, working out, and it has been working. I have cut all carbs (South Beach Diet Phase 1) since the 2nd of January, and am working out on my treadmill and with weights (Body for Life). I am down 10.6 pounds! I have a long way to go, but the progress is encouraging. The first few days I wanted to munch, and Wednesday was terrible as it was Nathan's birthday and there was homemade pizza for dinner, but since then I have not even wanted to eat anything I shouldn't I really feel good! You get to eat plenty on the South Beach plan, it's just not carbohydrates. I am never really hungry.

It helps that my friend Amy is offering a $200 reward for the person who loses the most percentage of weight by March 31. That would go far to help me save up for the camera I have been eyeballing for over a year now...

I'll keep you posted on how my weight loss is going on occaision.


  1. WOW...10 1/2 lbs! That is awesome! That is what Gil weighs now! Pick him up next time you see him to realize how much that is!!!
    Good Job!

  2. Wow! Good for you! You are inspiring me to get at it :)